Ray Ozzie on the clipboard model for the web

Ray Ozzie is at it with a concept to extend the clipboard user model to the web…
I call this new concept Live Clipboard, because we view “live” efforts as those providing users with seamless end-to-end scenarios that “just work” by weaving together the best of software and the best of services.
The Concept Development team has created a screencast of a Live Clipboard demo, and a simple web page-based demo that you can play with.  Hopefully this will convey more vividly some of what I’ve attempted to explain above.
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Talking about Windows Live OneCare – Changes, Changes, Changes


As noted on my Microsoft blog this week… 

Windows Live OneCare – Changes, Changes, Changes

Today, we started rolling out a OneCare beta refresh to all our current beta customers.  For those of you that have already received the latest updates, you’ll probably notice some significant changes that we’ve highlighted below.  If your OneCare service hasn’t changed yet – don’t worry – you’ll soon be receiving the latest updates and they’ll be automatically installed, OneCare style. 

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The differences between SDTV and HDTV formats

This week, Xbox’s own Major Nelson posted Show #163 (WMA) The one about HDTV blogcast. It includes an interview with the crew at MS Studios – the group that handles much of the video production services for the company (and quite well, I might add) – providing a blogcast primer of TV formats. If you don’t yet understand the differences between the various HD formats, this is a good reference.
For more info, also see HDTV FAQs, HDTV in Plain English, SDTV wiki and HDTV wiki.
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Crabby Office Lady saves Valentine’s Day

Now that would be a good headline.

If you have kids like mine, you have boys who are still trying to figure out which card to get their mom. Crabby to the Crabby Office Lady has a holiday rescue plan in her article on making last-minute valentine’s day cards.



Better, Crabby provided this quote:

"Working with Julie Andrews is like getting hit over the head with a valentine." — Christopher Plummer

Try working that into a card.

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Disney To Offer Free Online Episodes for Kids

My kids will be besides themselves, knowing that they may be able to soon get some of their favourite Disney shows on-line.
This spring, DisneyChannel.com and Jetix.tv will launch the first stage of their broadband conversion by offering free episodes of series including That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Kim Possible, Power Rangers and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.
One less thing to clog up the Replay TV and MCE PCs. 😉
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FON is off hook – a very cool Wi-Fi service

Thanks to my friend Richard for his blog entry on FON, a Spanish company acting as a directory of sorts for worldwide Wi-Fi access points. FON touts its beta service as a Global Community of people who want to share their broadband connections.
Very cool. Next to the stickers on my front door that state "No Soliciting" and "Neighbourhood Watch," I wonder if I’ll add a Fon Beta logo. 😉
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How to set up a Windows Media Center Extender

Ever run into problems while you were setting up a Media Center Extender? It can be difficult and sometimes troublesome. See this post for more details, which included the following step-by-step tutorial (thanks, Gus!):
  • Set up your Media Center Edition Windows machine on a drive that is not a "dynamic drive".  Media Center Extenders will not currently extend media that is on Dynamic Disks. 
  • Pay attention to your firewall, it might be blocking the ports that are needed for doing the extender operations.
  • If you get into your Media Center Extender (it connects to your Media Center Edition Windows PC) but you can not access your media (photos, music, movies), then you probably have not yet run the Media Center Extender Manager (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Media Center -> Media Center Extender Manager).  Once you are in there, select your XBOX, go to file->settings, then run the wizard. 

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