How to set up a Windows Media Center Extender

Ever run into problems while you were setting up a Media Center Extender? It can be difficult and sometimes troublesome. See this post for more details, which included the following step-by-step tutorial (thanks, Gus!):
  • Set up your Media Center Edition Windows machine on a drive that is not a "dynamic drive".  Media Center Extenders will not currently extend media that is on Dynamic Disks. 
  • Pay attention to your firewall, it might be blocking the ports that are needed for doing the extender operations.
  • If you get into your Media Center Extender (it connects to your Media Center Edition Windows PC) but you can not access your media (photos, music, movies), then you probably have not yet run the Media Center Extender Manager (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Media Center -> Media Center Extender Manager).  Once you are in there, select your XBOX, go to file->settings, then run the wizard. 

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