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On Diet and Inactivity: is HFCS the next Trans Fat?

There is always something to be concerned about: nuclear proliferation, terrorism, pandemic, corporate down-sizings, dogs and cats living together… you get the picture. But one thing that concerns me is how to avoid the excess pounds that everyone seems to … Continue reading

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A Handheld Xbox any time soon? Doubtful

If you haven’t read it, check out this post on the GMSV blog that calls out the rumour (read this again, a rumour) that BusinessWeek reported that MS is thinking about a portable digital media device "to rival the iPod and … Continue reading

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Vidclip: secrets of Dave Barry’s success

I enjoy author Dave Barry’s writing and saw this link to a clip on the secrets of Dave Barry’s success – he explains why there’s an eyeball on the dollar bill and offers investors a sure-fire way to get rich in the … Continue reading

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Windows Media Player for MSN Spaces

 In response to adding WMP to your MSN Spaces… PowerToys are here!!! Windows Media Player PowerToy: The Media Player Power Toy is designed to allow you to play audio and video files within your Space. While editing your Space specify … Continue reading

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I want my own, anywhere, on demand TV

Cnet this weekend reported on happenings at one panel discussion at the Sundance Film Festival and how new mobile products — mobile phones, portable video players– have helped spur on the need for appropriate content. The discussion is an interesting one, … Continue reading

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Tracking down an Xbox 360 with an Inventory Tracker

One blogger has tackled the effort to find Xbox 360 units in retail as they arrive… check out the XBOX 360 In-Store Inventory Tracker v2.0…

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